Welcome to Our Dance Studio!

Welcome to Our Dance Studio!

Dance Dream 3 Studios, LLC provides quality dance instruction in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-hop, Contemporary, and Tumbling for dancers of all ages and abilities. If you are looking for a nurturing environment to learn your first dance steps OR if you want to excel into a lifetime of dance...COME DANCE WITH US!

Combo Dance

Develop a love of dancing at a young age. Combination of ballet, tap, and tumbling skills geared towards ages 2-6.

Ballet Classes

Classical ballet provides the technical foundation that is essential to all dance forms. Classes are available for ages 6 - adult.

Jazz Dance Classes & Contemporary

Jazz is a blend of classical techniques; ballet, modern and tap. Beginning in the Swing era, Jazz is constantly evolving into contemporary styles. Classes are available ages 6-adult.

Tap Dance

An "all-American", fundamental dance technique. Tap focuses on footwork, style, rhythm, and musicality. Classes are available ages 6 - adult.

Hip-Hop Dance

A "street-style" of dance that focuses on self expression through R&B choreography and funk technique. Classes are available ages 3-adult.

Tumbling Classes & Aerial Skills

Tumbling students focus on conditioning, core strengthening and safe gymnastic skills. Aerial silk students will focus on upper body strength, climbing, foot locks and elegant poses while floating from a special fabric.