Last week we published Part I: Crowded Waiting Room Feedback of the Owner’s 8-Count series. As we share our discussions and ideas in response to the questions you brought up in the survey at the end of 2017, we invite you to join the conversation. We have a variety of topics to spark your interests from recital timing and location to class suggestions and scheduling.

We’re excited to share our strategies and solutions with you so you know what is going on behind the scenes and how we’re implementing your ideas to make our studios and your experience the best it can be. We value your feedback and look forward to growing with you.

PART II: June Recital at Greeley Theater 

Q: The recital timing feels too late in June and why does the Loveland studio hold it at a Greeley Theater?

Spring is a busy time of year jam packed with school concerts, finals and graduations. In Loveland and Greeley the school year ends in May and then the long Memorial Day weekend hits. Miss Jenni believes that May is actually short for “Mayhem!” and your Google calendar probably agrees. Because of the end-of-the-school-year mayhem, June has been the best time of year to schedule the Spring Showcase dance recital for our students because the rush of the school year and Memorial Day travel has passed. Scheduling the Spring Showcase in June also allows us to use one of Northern Colorado’s premier performing arts facilities — The Union Colony Civic Center (UCCC)

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The Union Colony Civic Center (UCCC) is operated by the City of Greeley and draws internationally-recognized performers and artists every year. With more than 100 events per year, the UCCC hosts a wide variety of Broadway musicals and professional concerts in addition to community shows such as our Spring Showcases. Because of the state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and stage design in addition to the helpful crew, ticketing and front-of-house staff, the UCCC is a highly sought after venue for most dance studios in the Northern Colorado area.

The Conservatory Dance Studio has held every recital at the UCCC since our first show in 1994. We first started out on Thursday nights and as we grew, we moved the showcase to the more favorable Friday night performance. In 2016, we moved the Loveland Dance Academy recital to UCCC because we simply had outgrown the Loveland theatre options. We want to make sure our dancers can show off their hard work to all of their family and friends and experience performing in a professional space.

Unfortunately, The City of Loveland does not have a performance venue with the capacity we need. We quickly outgrew the capacity of the local high school theaters and moved the Loveland showcase to the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins (1180 theater seats). While it was a nice theater, we have exceeded the capacity of this venue as well. We found the best solution was to move the Loveland showcase to the Union Colony Civic Center (1686 theater seats) where we could hold both of our shows on back-to-back days and comfortably seat all of our families and friends.

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UCCC does a beautiful job of maintaining their wooden stage floors (ideal for tap) while also applying a “slip-no-more” product to help the ballet and pointe students stay safe. Not only is the seating for patrons bigger but the backstage set-up allows for us to smoothly, safely and kindly move hundreds of dancers through the evening show in a way that helps your student have a great experience. Performing onstage can be stressful for many dancers; a good backstage experience prior to taking the stage helps set them up for success.

Other than UCCC, what are the other options for the Loveland showcase? 

Due to the size of our studios and the number of dancers and patrons we need to accommodate, we do not believe there are other performance options in Loveland or Fort Collins that would better accommodate our dancers and families. Here are a few other hurdles we have run into:

  • The most professional theater space available in the area (other than UCCC) is the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins. In order to fit our studio size, the show would have to be split into 2-3 shows which would substantially increase the cost of renting the performance venue and result in higher recital fees for you and higher ticket prices for your friends and families (not to mention taking up more dates on your calendar).
  • Adding more performances means there is no guarantee that all of your dancer’s classes would all be in the same show.
  • If you have more than one dancer in the show, the chances of them being on the same night is also not guaranteed. This makes for a difficult choice for family members to decide which show they will attend (or more costly if they need to attend multiple shows).

We moved the Loveland showcase to UCCC in Greeley to avoid the need for multiple shows and higher costs for you. We book the Greeley show and the Loveland show on back-to-back days so that our backstage dance staff can set-up more efficiently with check-in tables and signage. Hosting our showcases at the same location ensures a smooth and professional experience for all of our dancers.

What are the options for an earlier showcase date?

With UCCC being a highly sought after performance venue, reserving favorable weekend dates is tricky. We submit our requested dates more than a year in advance. We aim to have our showcases on the second Friday/Saturday of June (8th-9th) with our second choice being the third Friday/Saturday of June (15th-16th). The UCCC has honored our second choice for many years.

We enjoy the services of the UCCC and we have developed a great working relationship with the staff over the past 25 years.

There are so many factors that we must consider when we put on a production of this size. Hundreds of dancers with 2,000+ guests in the seats over the two days. We want to provide a high quality performance along with a smooth experience. There is no business like show business! 😉