What ages do you have classes for?

Our classes start at age 2. We have a wide range of ages including adult classes.

What is a combo class?

A combo class is geared towards the younger dancer (age 2-7). The class meets once per week and includes a combination of Ballet, Tap and basic Tumbling. Dance is introduced in a fun setting by use of props, mats and imagination. Motor skills, taking direction, balance, coordination and confidence are the main focus of the class curriculum. Combo classes are grouped by age.

When do classes start and how long is the session?

Fall session starts at the end August and continues all the way through to the spring when we have our Spring Showcase in June. New dancers can enroll at any time from August-March (as long as space is still available in the class).

From March-June, most classes are closed for new enrollment so that dancers can learn their choreography for the show. Costumes are ordered for each class. However, some classes can still accept new dancers! Always give us to a call to see if a space is available after March 1.

Summer classes are typically a shorter session that runs 6-8 weeks from end of June to beginning of August.

How much does it cost?

The first class for new students is always a FREE trial class. We want to help place you in the perfect level for your dance experience, which may require a couple trial classes in different levels.

Class tuition is broken down monthly in 4-week increments. Depending on the number of classes you attend each week, it can vary from $40 per month up to $264 per month (for unlimited classes). Families of 2 or more dancers have a 10% discount. We will pro-rate your tuition if you start in the middle of a pay period. However, tuition is not pro-rated for absent classes once the dancer is registered. See the tuition page for a detailed break-down of monthly fees.

Every season, there is a one-time $25 annual registration fee. Families (2+ dancers in a household) have a $50 max registration fee (regardless of how many dancers are enrolled). Summer session does not have a registration fee.

How do I pay?

We have a variety of convenient payment options. All registered families have the ability to make their own payments from home through an online parent portal. Additionally, when you register, you can load a credit card on file and setup your account for auto pay to have your tuition paid routinely each month on either the 1st or the 15th of the month.

How do I register?

The quickest way to register is here, online. To insure you get a spot in the class of your choice, make sure to register early when fall registration opens up for enrollment. If you need help registering, contact us! We are happy to assist you over the phone or in-person at the studio during office hours.

What does my child need to wear?

Each class (and age group) has a dress code and guidelines. When selecting dance attire, consider clothing that fits well and feels good for your dancer. Distracting accessories (hats and jewelry) should be avoided. Please see our classes page for an overview about each dance style and dress code.

Please note! For Hip-Hop classes, the shoes the dancer plans to wear for class should not be worn outside to the studio, only in the studio itself. Clean soled shoes please, especially during inclement weather.

As a parent, do I have to be present while my dancer is in class?

Parents are asked to stay with their dancer (age 2-3) during the lowest level classes (Pre-combo and Combo 1). Dancers may need help with shoe changes and bathroom needs. Once the dancer is in Combo 2 (age 4-5), parents are not asked to stay with their dancer. However, parents are welcome to observe class outside of the studio room from the observation window. Observers should be quiet and not a distraction to their dancer or others taking class.

What kinds of performances are there?

Throughout the season, there are a variety of performance opportunities. During the winter holiday season, we have The Nutcracker, Miss Connie's Holiday Tap Show (Loveland studio) and the Seasonal Sampler (Greeley studio). In the spring, we host our annual Spring Showcase and in the summer we have an in-house Summer Production. All of these performance opportunities are available to all our registered dancers.

In addition, we have a Performance Dance Team that competes and performs regionally (by audition only).

What is the Spring Showcase?

The Spring Showcase (also known as the recital) occurs every June and is held in the premiere performing arts venue, Union Colony Civic Center in Downtown Greeley. All of the Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hip-Hop classes create a piece to be performed onstage. This is an optional event, but very fun and rewarding for our students. There are additional fees in order to participate in the Spring Showcase.

Is dance class just for girls?

ABSOLUTLEY NOT! Dance is for boys and girls! It is a great activity to complement other interests such as sports, arts and music. Dance helps with agility, focus, memory, motor skills, rhythm, balance, coordination and so much more.

Can I only take one style of dance or do I have to take everything?

All of the different dance techniques are, well, different! The music, energy, structure and physical requirements of each style of class are unique, just like you. Many dancers choose to take class in a variety of techniques, where others prefer to focus in only one area of dance. You can customize your dance schedule as you need!

Can I video my dancer's class and post it online?

Through the registration process, all students have given permission for us, as a studio, to take pictures and videos of the dancers. However, this does not allow permission for others to take and post video, especially since the video may contain other people's children. Additionally, our instructor's class material and choreography are at their discretion to share. Please ask your instructor directly before taking a video.