Spring Showcase 2022 // June 10-11

The Spring Showcase is held in the premiere performing arts venue, Union Colony Civic Center in Downtown Greeley. All of the Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop and Combo classes create a piece to be performed onstage.

Conservatory Dance performs on Friday and Loveland Dance performs on Saturday. Details for the Spring Showcase, such as picture dates, dress rehearsal times and ticketing information are published in late March.


About the Showcase for Participating Students

  • The Spring Showcase occurs every June.
  • This is an optional event, but a very fun and rewarding experience.
  • Preparation for the Showcase begins mid February- March.
  • Costumes are selected by Instructors.
  • Students not performing in the Spring Showcase, need to inform the office prior to January 31st.
  • Costume fee is $60 per class.
  • Recital fee is $30 per dancer (includes show ticket credits).

Showcase Choreography & Attendance

  • Instructors begin their choreography for the show by March 1st
  • It is crucial that all dancers attend classes regularly once Showcase preparation has begun
  • Dancers that are absent more than three times after March 1st may result in removal from class piece


We understand that a dancer’s “first costume” is special. Therefore, extra attention goes into the costume selections for all the dancers in the Combo and Intro levels. We want the focus of these costumes to be a lifelong keepsake!
As for Levels 1 and higher, the design and look of a costume may vary depending on the instructor. Some instructors may choose basic attire because it fits better with their piece, whereas others may choose a more showy and glitzy costume. When it is appropriate for the choreography, we strive to give you a costume that uses “basics” that will help to build your dance wardrobe to use in future classes (examples: black leotards, leggings, shorts and tops etc.). Accessories may be used to “jazz” up any basic costume.

  • All dancers that participate in the Spring Showcase will have a $60 costume fee per class.
  • First half of your costume fees are due on February 1st, and the second half is due on March 1st.
  • All Showcase costumes are age appropriate. They will not show any bare midriff, bra straps or undergarments.
  • Costumes can be professionally altered if they do not fit properly.
  • Costume fittings will take place during class time.