Ballet Class Overview

Classical ballet provides the technical foundation that are essential to all dance forms. Classes are available for ages 6 - Adult.

  • Ballet age ranges: 6 - Adult (please see class schedule for specific ages)
  • Enjoy the tradition of Ballet
  • Grace, poise and posture
  • Core strength and stability
  • Learn the beauty of one of the oldest classical techniques
  • Ballet is the foundation technique to all other styles of dance


The dress code we follow is a typical dress code that you may find in any reputable ballet school or dance studio in the world. It is important to follow a dress code, as it gives us a realistic view of how a ballet class is run. Hair of all lengths must be pulled back and pinned down to the head.  No loose ponytails, braids, or side-pieces.  Length of the hair will determine the best style for your dancer.  Neatly secured and simple hair-pieces or decorations are acceptable.

Dress Code for Girls

Ballet Intro or Ballet 1: Ballet pink or white tights (footed for the stage), any black leotard and pink leather, full soled ballet shoes. Dancers in this level may wear a single layer skirt either attached or not attached.  Skirt needs to be above the knee.

Ballet 1.5 or Ballet 2: Ballet pink or white tights (footed for the stage), any black leotard and pink leather, full-soled ballet shoes. Please if possible, no skirts in these levels.

Ballet 3, 4 and 5, All pointe: Ballet pink, or black tights (ballet pink and footed for stage), any SOLID color leotard, and canvas or leather, full or split-soled ballet shoes. Warm-ups, Spandex shorts (black, short and form fitting only) or a single layer skirts are allowed at the discretion of the instructor.

Dress Code for Boys

Please see instructor.