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After you have read the Parent & Dancer Agreement, you are ready to sign up!

Reserve your class spot now through our easy-to-use, secure registration portal! Classes can be scheduled for either location or attend classes at BOTH Loveland Dance & Conservatory Dance! With two locations and two schedule options, you can customize your dance program to meet the needs of your lifestyle!

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After you complete the online registration, please visit our front desk to set-up your payment arrangements. Official registration in all classes is confirmed after the first class is attended by your dancer. We want to make sure we have the perfect class for each dancer!

If you choose to enter your credit card information, it will be saved in our system, however NO charges will be posted until you make payment arrangements with front desk staff. We have an easy, monthly auto-pay option! Credit card information can be kept on file to quickly charge special workshops and dance shop items such as shoes and tights.

Welcome and we are looking forward to dancing with you soon!

Loveland Dance

(Downtown Loveland)

New Students

Please consult with the office staff before attending class for placement approval and availability. We are happy to evaluate your level and find the right fit for you.

Returning Students

Returning students have been evaluated throughout the Spring and Summer. Placement and scheduling is customized for each student based on their needs. Changes are made only upon recommendation of the teaching faculty. Our curriculum is designed for dancers to stay in each level for 1 –3 years. Students will move to the next level once they have met the requirements of their current level.

Parent / Dancer Agreement

During the registration process, parents and dancers (ages 8 & older) must sign the Parent/Dancer Agreement form in order to insure a clear understanding of our studio policies and procedures. Please read the Parent & Dancer Agreement and our COVID Safety Protocols.

Dress Code

Combo: Black tap shoes & pink leather ballet shoes (no slippers). Any fun dance attire is accepted (tutu’s, leotards, costumes, etc.). Hair should be pinned back as not to be a distraction.


Pink ballet shoes, black leotard and pink tights (not shiny). Hair should be worn in a pinned bun, neatly secured. Please check with your instructor about skirts and various warm-ups.


Jazz shoes, form fitting top (rib cage needs to be seen), form fitting pants/shorts (knees need to be seen). No pajama pants or baggy T-shirts. Hair must be pulled away from the face.


Tap shoes and comfortable fitting dancewear. No jeans. All pants must be rolled up or pulled away from the ankles and hair must be pulled away from the face.

Hip-Hop / Breaking:

Clean soled sneakers and loose fitting clothing. Sweatpants (covering knees) & t-shirts are suggested. Hats are welcomed. No jeans.


Form fitting clothing. Leotards, leggings or shorts. Hair must be pulled away from the face and neck. Barefoot.