PDT Requirements

Performance Dance Team Requirements


PDT Members are held to a higher standard. In order to maintain a level of excellence, PDT members have additional classes, rehearsal times, requirements and fees. If you can’t meet the PDT requirements, we have other performance opportunities that can accommodate any dancer at any level in a fun environment.

In order to be accepted as a member of the Performance Dance Team, you must meet the following:

  • Dancers ages 4-6 (Mini Stars) must be given an invitation letter
  • Dancers ages 4-6 must have experience performing in at least one recital prior to being accepted
  • Dancers ages 7-9 must have a minimum of 1 year of Ballet training
  • Dancers ages 10-18 must have a minimum of 2 years of Ballet training
  • Dancers ages 7-18 must attend the June audition

Please read the PLANNING GUIDE prior to auditioning!

In order to be accepted for TAP or HIP-HOP only pieces, you must meet the following:

  • Must be ages 7-18
  • Must have 1 year of Tap or Hip-Hop training
  • Must have experience performing in at least one recital prior to being accepted


General Requirements for PDT Members

To learn more about PDT and the PDT Crew, please read below the general list of requirements for PDT members.

  • ALL DANCERS MUST AUDITION or be invited before they are selected for the team (even if you have been accepted before you will need to re-audition each season).
  • Parents of a dancer ages 7-18 must complete an Audition Application prior to auditions.
  • You cannot “pick” which pieces you want to be placed in. All casting decisions are made by the Director and the audition panel. Your piece placement is based off of your audition, your previous training, your prior class attendance and work ethic, and your summer class involvement.
  • Rehearsals are held weekly for 45 minute time slots. Required technique classes must be taken separately. (See the class requirements listed at the bottom of page)
  • The PDT performs each season for several community events throughout Loveland and Greeley such as The Corn Roast Parade, Eagles Hockey, Oktoberfest, Day of Dance, Hip-hop Madness, Children’s Festival and other local benefits.
  • The PDT attends 3-4 competitions per season (depending on the dancer’s age). All competitions and conventions are held during weekends in the greater Denver area.
  • Team Members are expected to attend ALL rehearsals and maintain 80% attendance in required technique classes. Please do not over-commit!
  • Each Team Member is a reflection of the studio. Team Members are part of an elite team and are expected to set good examples through attendance, dress code and work ethic.
  • Each season is a nine month commitment.
  • Please be a supportive parent. Parents should give support and positive feedback. Instructors and choreographers should give the corrections and coaching notes.
  • PDT Costumes are professionally constructed or styled by our in-house seamstress.
  • Team Members will have a personalized monthly payment plan to include all of their season’s fees. Payment will start in August.


Weekly Required Technique Classes for PDT Members:

 “Jazz” choreography consists of many different styles including Lyrical, Contemporary, Character and Musical Theater.

  • If you are placed in a MINI STARS (ages 4-6) piece, you are required to take… Mini Star Performance Combo class
  • If you are placed in a piece that has JAZZ choreography, you are required to take…Jazz & Ballet classes at your level (classes may meet multiple times per week)
  • If you are placed in a piece that has TAP choreography, you are required to take…1 Tap class at your level
  • If you are placed in a piece that has HIP-HOP choreography, you are required to take…1 Hip-hop class at your level