Our Competition Philosophy

Being part of a competitive dance team can be a great opportunity for your dancer to learn the skill of PERFORMING at a higher level in front of an exciting audience.

You will gain ARTISTRY and CREATIVITY through classical and contemporary dance styles.
You will receive FEEDBACK from dance professionals (judges) that can help you to EXCEL and IMPROVE.
You will grow a stronger sense of TEAMWORK and connect with other dancers through additional COMMUNITY EVENTS.
Competitive dance will increase your SELF CONFIDENCE and give you tangible GOALS to measure your growth.

The Performance Dance Team focuses on HEALTHY competitive habits such as...

  • Time management skills
  • Dedication to a team through peer support
  • Breaking through personal barriers



Saturday, June 18

Audition held at Loveland Dance. Dancers that want to be considered for pieces that utilize Jazz technique (Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theater, Lyrical, Acro, Specialty), need to audition in both the Ballet and Jazz portion. Dancers do have the option to audition only for Tap and Hip-Hop pieces.

Alternative audition dates available. Email us! pdt@dancedreamstudios.com

Ages 9+ 8:30AM

BALLET (*Ballet Dress Code)

Ages 7-9 9:00AM

Ages 10-12 9:30AM

Ages 13-18 10:00AM


Ages 7-9 10:30AM

Ages 10-12 11:00AM

Ages 13-18 11:30AM


Ages 7-9 12:00PM

Ages 10-12 12:30PM

Ages 13-18 1:00PM


Ages 7-12 1:30PM

Ages 13-18 2:00PM

"We would love for our dancers to come in "first" in everything they do, but that's not going to happen -and it's not important that it does. What's important is that they learn respect for others and others' accomplishments as well as their own. That's winning!"

Miss Katie & Miss Jenni

Young Dancers Ages 5-7

If you have a YOUNG DANCER that is ready to take it to the NEXT LEVEL… Let us know! We can assess your dancer to see if they are ready for PERFORMANCE DANCE TEAM! The Mini Star team is an opportunity for young, up-and-coming dancers to be introduced to competitive dance in a fun and healthy environment. Mini Stars is for dancers ages 5-7 with no (or little) competition experience.

  • Mini Stars (ages 5-7) do not need to audition
  • Mini Stars are “invited” to the team by the PDT Director

  • Invites are sent out to dancers/parents throughout May, June and July prior to the new season
  • Mini Star PDT members must have experience performing in at least one recital prior to being accepted
  • Before accepting a spot on the team, parents need to read the current season’s Mini Star Planning Guide that includes the general information and dance team requirements

Dancers Ages 7-18

If you are a DEDICATED DANCER ages 7-18 and you want to be part of a HIGHLY COMPETITIVE TEAM…start preparing for next season’s auditions now!

  • Dancers that are ages 7-18 must audition each season
  • Parents need to read the current season’s Planning Guide that includes the general information and dance team requirements
  • Audition Applications must be completed by both the dancer and parent prior to auditioning
  • Proper dance attire and shoes are needed for audition process (click here for Dance Audition Tips!)